A downloadable game for Windows

10 mins / Keyboard + Mouse / Saves automatically / Only a Windows build for now

  • Made for HauntedPS1 community's "Summer of Shivers" gamejam, together with Pete Reynolds, Shadink (Mario Vilchez Romero) & Nicke (Nick Brake)
  • Themes were "Submechanophobia" and "Public Service Announcement".

Leave comments, would love to hear what you think..!

-Fixed black screen from underwater for older graphics cards
-The PSA texts stay on screen for longer
-emphasised the Continue button after death


Shadink's itch: https://vichosoft.itch.io/
Nicke's itch:  https://saffronwerkz.itch.io/

Updated 15 days ago
Published 19 days ago
AuthorHenri Tervapuro
Made withUnity
TagsHorror, underwater
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Watershed_RC3.zip 45 MB

Development log


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Hey! I did a big roundup on a bunch of games in the jam (including yours) with some thoughts on each. Figured I'd share it here for anyone interested!

Full Gameplay

Very nice atmosphere 

Full Playthrough No Commentary

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The haunting creative visuals working in contrast between above ground and underwater worked perfectly to help immerse me into the game and filling me with the fear of the unknown. Who is the mysterious white-skinned entity and what on earth does it all mean?! The definition of a 'watershed' represents some sort of metaphor within the game, I know it! 

Gameplay footage is at the start of the video...


Made a video



Check it out!!!

Great Game! Check Out My YT Vid. I Love The Idea Of A Submechanophobia Horror Game. Good job

This game piqued my interest in haunted PS1 games in the future! Loved the concept, wished there was a sensitivity slider though lol... My experience linked down below if interested, thanks a lot!

nice game the sensitivity was a bit high and it got a little confusing at times but overall it was pretty good

I'm scared in the water.

Ok so that was scary and creepy. Maybe one of the best games from the Haunted PS1's Summer Of Shivers Jam of this year.

Such a great game,loved it so much <3

very cool and unique concept enjoyed it a lot and had a fun time recording it 

and for how short it is it felt like i had been through a journey 

check out my vid on it if you feel like it <3 stay safe out there guys 

Very cool concept! I'm still mulling over in my brain about the story. The first part of this game was a good set up because it fooled me into thinking that I was just dealing with something ordinary here. This game raises the good point that "horror" as a genre doesn't necessarily always entail the supernatural: natural disasters and the damage they inflict on people are as horrific as the things we only dream about in our nightmares, and maybe even more so. I think it'd be TERRIFYING to go down a flooded hallway with limited air, not knowing if a water current or random piece of furniture is going to block your path and prevent you from rising back up to the surface. And yet, upon the descent, you had a nice and sinister transition of turning a natural situation into a supernatural one. I loved the music while underwater, which made me, while I was going through the underwater dining room and kitchen, reflect deeply about the pain of loss that victims of flood experience. I did find the one bug (that you'll see in the video) of drowning near the end and being unable to continue, but other than that I experienced no other mishaps other than those caused by my own shenanigans. Thanks for the experience!

Fun game!. I didn't finish it since I died once and every time after I tried to hit continue and it would just play the death music over and over. Overall spooky game is spooky. 

Cool game. Some parts were difficult as you had to try it multiple times and do it in the right moment.

Watch video here: 

really enjoyed this please check out my play through below x

So atmospheric music in the game. Because of her, you plunge into the abyss of helplessness and hopelessness. Looking forward to next projects <3. My walkthrough in Russian:

I had no idea what was going on, but it was pretty cool.

This was a lot of fun to play! The story was nice and creepy! Loved the scared and atmosphere. The sensitivity was a little up there for the mouse but that was easy to adjust to! Great game, good job!

Very fun and interesting game. Look forward to what you develop next! 

Loved it. Kudos to all involved!

Gave it a lets play, cool little short horror game 

Underwater stuff usually creeps me the heck out and sections of this game do not fail to deliver. Most of the underwater parts were extremely unsettling. Very creepy game and I really enjoyed it! Awesome jam game!

This game was GREAT! The underwater gameplay was really good and creepy. The only problem I had gameplay-wise was the swimming mechanic was a little janky. I also didn't get a good grip on the story but I felt like that might of just been my fault that I didn't really put the pieces together. On top of that the ambience was OFF THE CHAIN!!! All and all this game was great! Keep up the good work you guys!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

looking forward to updates

Creepy as hell I couldn't finish it because after dying I couldn't continue for some reason.


Really liked all the objects being billboards hahah, also the underwater parts left me very anxious, great game, how long did it take to make?

Thank you! Under a week, in (work day) hours..?
Summer of Shivers was a great jam, since we had so much time... I had a chance to work on this a few days here and there, then let it be for a while. I don't want to devote -too- much of time & effort into a free jam project, but enough to make it actually interesting. =)


That Was A Good Game Keep It Up...

This game honestly was fun, bruh really had me go down there looking for snacks just to die. I think you did good and can't wait for you to make more games. If you wanna see my reaction playing this game.....HERE YA GOOOO

This was a pretty neat little game, good environment and sound effects, although the hitbox for using the keys on the doors is very small and specific which was a bit frustrating but aside that it was a fun game, good work :)

I found the game fairly interesting since it does deal with the fear of drowning after all. I definitely enjoyed the game. Nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


This game was really good. Genuinely creepy, and downright unsettling towards the end. I really enjoyed my time playing this! Great work!

hahah this is the best one so far, thanks! Glad I gave you nightmares. =)


The atmosphere and sounds were spot on while in the house. Being able to hear the water coming in freaked me out a bit. Loved it!


This is pretty damn good. The underwater parts were really creepy. I hate being underwater haha. Nice job, dude! Thanks for the fun!


Nice Game :)
That's My Video On It!

-Fixed black screen from underwater for older graphics cards
-The PSA texts stay on screen for longer
-emphasised the Continue button after death

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